Luxury in Northern Ireland or Holland

Before you select your holiday destination, you should know one or two things about the country you intend to visit. Sometimes, it makes sense to have at least two countries on your list. This way, you have better options and if you can afford it, you should visit both countries and enjoy a double delight. Holland and Ireland are great destinations for your vacation because these countries have a lot to offer. Before embarking on your trip, you should look for decent accommodation. This way, you will find a place that will meet your luxury hotel northern ireland expectations.

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Northen Ireland Tourist attractions

This country is famous for its Norman castles, mountains, golf courses and Celtic monuments. Other tourist attractions in this part of the United Kingdom are the Titanic Quarter, Christian monuments and a long coast line. While you are in Northern Ireland, you should visit the Old Bushmills Distillery, the Ulster American Folk Park and the Giant's Causeway. You should also take the Black Taxi Tour, enjoy Belfast's classy pubs and take long walks on the popular beaches here. If you love nature, you should visit the Antrim Castle Garden or the Botanic Garden. These are two of the most popular gardens in the land and the sights here are truly breathtaking.

How to Enjoy Your Holland Trip

Holland is also called the Netherlands and it is a wonderful tourist destination. This country is famous for its flat landscape, windmills, canals, cycling routes and tulip fields. If you are in Amsterdam, you must visit the Rijksmuseum and the Vincent Van Gogh museum. You should also visit the house where the Jewish diarist Anne Frank was hiding during the Second World War. Below are some things to see and places to visit in Holland.

Holland's Tourist Attractions

Your trip to Holland is incomplete if you do not visit the Waddenzee. This nature reserve is located in Groningen and it is one of the most important nature reserves on earth. Visit this reserve and you will see millions of migratory birds and different species of fish. You should also visit the Keukenhof Garden because this place is simply breathtaking. This is the largest flower garden in the world and you will enjoy the scents and sounds of this place. Other places you ought to visit in Holland are The Hague, the Cheese Market in Alkmaar and the windmills of Kinderdijk.

Final Word

Next time you are planning your holiday trip, you should choose Holland or Ireland as your destination. Better still, visit both places and you will enjoy an unforgettable experience.